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 Private or Semi-Private Hoop Dance or Yoga classes are also available on an individual basis. I can come to your home, meet at a public park, or if distance is an issue we can have an online private session via Skype or Google Hangout.
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Hoop Dance

Hoop Dance is a new and playful way to connect your mind-body awareness.

Hoop Dance is an emerging creative form of movement that combines ecstatic dance, meditation, and play. This movement art offers a stronger connection not only between one’s own mind and body, but also to a larger community. Hooping with a larger, hand-crafted adult version of the traditional hula hoop not only massages, exercises and tones the body, but simultaneously offers a cleansing, healing practice. The fact that you are burning 300-600 calories per hour will be a side-perk compared to the light-hearted playfulness that the hoop has to offer.

Bonnie provides adult-sized dance hoops for each class to guide you through some basic steps to finding your flow through hooping. These are larger, sturdier versions of the traditional “hula hoop”. Even if it’s been a long time since you’ve played or you’ve never hooped before you will leave this class with new skills you never knew you had and a more open mind to letting life flow.

Let your inner child out to play!

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You can also find Bonnie on Siesta Beach for a free community hoop jam every Tuesday evening. Come learn technique in a formal class setting and then use the space offered at the jam to practice on Tuesday. You can also join the Siesta Key HoopJam Facebook group here.