Intermediate Hoop Dance Class Series “Finding Your Flow”

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This event finished on 26 July 2017


The Intro to Hoop Dance Class Series covered the foundational movements of keeping the hoop going around the core, getting the hoop on and off the body, and simple off body moves and passes as well as establishing basic terminology.

The Level 2 Series began to explore other areas of the body to hoop on such as the hips, thighs, chest and shoulders and incorporate other off-body moves such as isolations and body rolls.

This series will build on refining those fundamentals as well as adding more difficult moves, transitions, passes, tosses.

We’ll begin to more deeply explore, hoop planes, directions and levels as well as currents.

For this series, you need to have attended at least 2 Outward Spiral series and discussed this with Bonnie. If you think this is the class for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This class series is held every Wednesday of the month.
Most monthly series have 4 Wednesdays and the monthly classes will only be $40 if paid in full. If a month has 5 Wednesdays, then the charge would be $50.
Single drop-in classes are $15 each.

You may pay at the time of the event with cash, checks or credit cards (with a $1.50 service charge) or pay online here.
Together, we can create a safe place of sharing and learning where it’s okay– even encouraged to drop your hoop. We’ll try something new, encourage one another, throw our hoops around and laugh! I look forward to seeing all you beautiful Hoopers continue to grow! ♥

Join our Facebook group page here for more detailed information about what we will be covering in each class.

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