Hoop Convergence is held outside the beautiful Hooper Haven of Carrboro, North Carolina, an area rich with devout hoopers, grassroots communities and biodiversity. Hoop Convergence brings together the skills of talented teachers and performers from around the continent.

Hoop Convergence is held yearly in my hometown by my most beloved hoop teacher, Julia Hartsell of HoopDrum and Synergy (home of quick wicks). She lovingly took me under her wing opening my eyes to the ever emerging hoop community. Julia continues to be an inspiration to me and those those she encounters.

Jonathan Baxter, of HoopPath is another amazing teacher found in the hooper haven of Carrboro, NC. The HoopPath is a hoopdance curriculum founded and taught by master hooper and hoop teacher Jonathan Baxter. Baxter’s teaching stands out in this new, dynamic fitness practice as a unique blend of rigorous technique and deep introspection. Through years of daily, solo, blindfolded Practice, Baxter discovered innumerable technical nuances in the art of hoopdance, as well as descriptive names and vivid metaphors that make his insights readily available to even the beginning hoop student. Through these same years of Practice he also discovered the extraordinary power of the Hoop to heal not only the weakened Body or the overworked Mind, but also the depressed, darkened, and depleted Spirit.

Other local hoopers to connect with within the community..

Hoola Monsters in St. Pete/ Tampa area

Hoop and Health in the Gainesville area

Hoop So Fly! in South Florida

More friends doing amazing work within the community..

Live talk about hooping, hoop life and more with Audrey Scherer! Every Monday 9pm USA Eastern Time

Super soft bamboo headgear and clothing by Bambooty Headgear!

Co-Collaborator and talented percussionist, Michael Rutherford: The World Is Sound

Connect with other hoopers around with world
on Facebook’s Unity of the Hula Hoopers or HoopCity