Hoops for Sale



I personally and professionally hand-craft each and every hoop with love and positive intention.
I have many hoops available. They range from $20-$65 depending on the style and materials used. (Most adult hoops are $30 or $35.) You can choose from one of the many hoops I have already made at a local demo or event. (Note: I do not always bring my hoops for sale to the beach jams, so please let me know ahead of time if you plan on purchasing one there.)

You may also visit my Etsy shop to purchase a hoop online

If you have a particular color combination and/or size in mind, you could have one specially designed for you to and your own specific needs and taste. Just contact me and I’ll be happy to custom create a hoop that suits your taste and style with only the limits of your imagination.
(All hoops can be shipped.)

I’d be delighted to custom build your new hoop with you in mind. I can make hoops of any size and in any color combination. There are lots of speciality tapes to choose from. Feel free to contact me and I can send you a price list and tape options you can choose from. I’ll also be happy to help guide you in making a decision of what size/weight is best for you.

If you are local to Sarasota you can also arrange to meet me at a weekly Beach Hoop Jam or a Hoop Dance class. It’s also helpful, if you’re new to hooping, to try out a few different weights and sizes of hoops to decide which works best for you.

Generally speaking, one will start off with a larger hoop. The size of the hoop refers to the diameter of the circle. Beginner hoops can range between 46″ and 39″. As a general guideline for a beginner’s hoop, you probably wouldn’t want a hoop any smaller in diameter than the height from the floor to your bellybutton. I tend to go larger as like the slower speed of a larger hoop. But again, everyone is different and you need a hoop that “feels” right for you.

There are also two different weights to beginner’s hoops. There is a light-weight version and a heavy-weight version. It is personal preference which weight you prefer.

If you are not local and would prefer to buy a ready-made hoop please check in on my Etsy Shop page.

Here are a few samples of previous hoops made to inspire and delight  :0) You can also peruse my Facebook album for more current creations.

The Element Series: Fire, Water, Earth and Air

Royal Purple

Grape Bubblegum

Faerie Blue

Twins: yin&yang

Purple Haze

Punky Brewster

I heart my hoop

Partly Cloudy

Fizzy Pink


Shabby Chic