Finding Your Flow: Level 2 Hoop Dance Series

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This event finished on 30 July 2018

This class will be geared towards the beginner who is not totally new to hoop dance. It is a great segue from the student who has taken my Intro “Stepping into the Hoop” Series or another Beginner class where the basics (waist hooping in 1st and 2nd current, moving around in the hoop, vertical hand-hooping in both hands and both currents, passes, weaves, lifts and drops) were covered. If you feel you have a decent foundation in those moves, then this is the class for you.

Bonnie Brown has been practicing this art of Hoop Dance for over 9 years and teaching here in Sarasota for over 6. She is excited to teach this fun form of dance to many more people.

Adult-sized dance hoops can be provided for each class. These are larger, sturdier versions of the traditional “hula hoop”. Eventually you will want your own personal hoop to begin feeling comfortable and familiar with its own unique feel, size and weight. You can purchase a hand-crafted hoop from Bonnie during class or from here. (Please let me know if you need a hoop for class ahead of time.)

This is typically a smaller class, so there will be a lot of opportunity for individual attention and customization for each individual.


This series is every Monday 7:30-8:30pm.
Most monthly series have 4 Mondays and the monthly classes will only be $40 if paid in full. (Single drop-in classes will also be $15.) If there are 5 Mondays in a month, it would be $50 for the series.

Due to limited space, there are limited slots available for students. Please contact me prior to coming to register and also to determine if this skill level is appropriate for you.

Once approved for attendance, you may pay at the time of the event with cash, checks or credit cards (with a service charge) or pay here online.

Class is held at Rosemary Court Yoga, downtown in the Rosemary District. Directions are here.
Park beyond the gate, in the parking lot of the Rosemary Court. The studio is the room to the right of the door.
Let your inner child out to play!

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