Tuesday Siesta Key Hoop Jams

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This event finished on 29 October 2019



Every Tuesday one hour before Sunset on Siesta Key beach we gather for a community Hoop Jam. (Between the red lifeguard stand and the pavilion; around where the Sunday drum circle happens.)

This is a community event for anyone to join. All are welcome. It’s a community offering at a consistent time and space for everyone to practice, dance, commune and share.

**This is not a class. There is no fee. It is simply a gathering of friends.. (perhaps find friends you haven’t met yet) getting together to play and have fun at the beach.**

Someone usually brings the music and extra hula hoops for folks to use. If you have music you’d like to share please feel free to bring it, or instruments as we’re always down for a live jam. Even if you’ve never hooped before please feel welcome to come as it is a very friendly community who would love to meet you offer guidance to anyone who needs it. Invite friends! The more the merrier!

We seem to have a kid’s circle developing there as well, so please bring your children along.

So far this event has been well attended and everyone has done a great job sharing with and learning from one another. It’s so beautiful to see community being created and expanded through the sacred circle.

Thank you all. Everyone who has come has brought something unique to contribute. Continue to extend this to more people so we can expand the circle! If you live in, around or know someone in or around the Sarasota / Bradenton area please let them know.

Please offer any suggestions. I’m open to co-creating this as a community ritual where it belongs to everyone.

Come out! Bring friends, toys, music or instruments, kids, food/drinks and an open heart ♥ We’d love to have you. Happy Hooping.

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