FireHooping Workshop/Jam 9/13/14

Fire is a dangerous but also wonderfully transformative element that we can use to enhance our hoop dance experience.

Some describe a cleansing experience where the dancer feels lighter, less burdened and generally purified. Some feel elated with the thrill of conquering our most primalĀ  fear of fire.

Whatever you may experience, adding the element of Fire to your dance practice to certainly create a new sensation. If you would like to spin fire or would like to spin fire at some point in the future attending this workshop should give you all the basic pointers you need to get started.

We’ll cover the options of fuel, where to get it and the pros and cons of each. We’ll describe in detail the ritual of dipping your wicks encouraging a theme of safety. All the things that may come up in a safe normal fire spinning session as well as some possible emergency scenarios will be covered to help you feel prepared for your “virgin burn” and many more.
If you have spun fire before we will also cover some fire performing techniques and tidbits. I’ll share some helpful ideas that I’ve picked up over the years performing with fire.

I will provide fire hoops if you do not already own one and fuel. I do suggest that you’ve been hooping for at least several months before embarking on this fiery path. Please contact me if you are unsure if you are ready for fire hooping. I’ll be more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns.

If you have a firehoop please bring it. All participants need to be dressed to spin fire (whether you’ve decided if you want to or not yet.) All natural (cotton) fibers should be worn with nothing hanging off, like threads from torn jeans, flowy skirts or scarves. Those are all not only more flammable but can also become entangled in the hoop.

This workshop will take place on Saturday 9/13 between 5:30-10:00pm and the fee for the workshop is $30. As always, if there is an issue of funds please contact me personally. I’ll be happy to work something out.

You can register here or contact me to RSVP or with any questions.

It is my greatest honor and pleasure to help usher new Fire Dancers into this Circle of Fire. Until then..

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