Expanding Out in Spirals

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars, the stars form a circle and in the centre we dance”

Rumi, 14th Century Poet

Outward Spiral encompasses the idea that every choice in our life is a new opportunity to expand the cycle of our awareness. There are so many ways one can help achieve this expansiveness. All the diverse aspects of ourselves do not need to be exclusive of one another, but rather, paths merging together to bring us closer to an inner harmony that we can shine out and share with all.

Outward Spiral was created by Bonnie Brown. Bonnie found her flow in the cycle of life through Yoga and Hoop Dance. She first discovered hoop dance in her hometown of North Carolina, Spring of 2007. Inspired by pioneers such as Julia Hartsell Crews of HoopDrum and Jonathan Baxter of HoopPath in Carrboro, NC she became deeply imbedded in the hoop community. In 2009 Bonnie followed her heart and moved to sunny Sarasota, FL where she began to nurture her own local hoop community.

Bonnie continues to offer many weekly classes, workshops, free community jams, and demos to share what she has learned with the community. She can also be found at many festivals and fairs vending her beautiful hand-crafted dance hoops.

Bonnie believes that dance can be a tool to self discovery, personal evolution and connecting to a larger supportive community of people.

“Having this circle around me gave me security, giving others a boundary to give me space. I felt safe to truly express myself creatively with my body. I had the freedom to let go and allow the music to move me rather than allowing my cognitive brain to get involved and tell me how I should be moving.

Interestingly, what first became a closed circle to keep people at a distance also became a portal to introduce me to this amazing community of Hoopers around the world. The hooping community is such an open, sharing group of wonderful people rich in creativity and unique qualities. I was immediately embraced by everyone and for once felt as if I belonged.”

Outward Spiral has also connected with many other talented individuals in the area to offer unique artistic entertainment for events and festivals. Their performances include mesmerizing LED hoops to create captivating light shows or spellbinding fire dances to captivate their audience.

We continue to grow, expand outward and connect. Will you be the next link in our ever expanding Circle?

Bonnie’s Hoop Dance classes balance the uplifting, invigorating, and unencumbered playfulness of hooping with the grounding and deepening practice of Yoga. Bonnie’s Yoga classes emphasize how surrendering oneself into the whole can actually be liberating and stabilizing. She believes that combining these dual practices helps to create a well-rounded individual as well as a supportive community.

Outward Spiral is about a life path.. not a linear path, but a circular path that continues to expand in an ever expanding spiral. With each step we take outside of our comfortable routine we can continue growing outwards and connecting with others on this same path of growth and awareness.

Our mission with Outward Spiral is to inspire others to feel free to express themselves creatively; to light that spark in others and gently blow on that ember until it ignites.

You can also connect with Bonnie via Facebook to be updated with all the latest events.


Let your inner child out to play.