Introduction to HoopDance Foundations 7/23/17

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Are you looking for a new, fun and beautiful way to move your body? Feel good about yourself and express yourself creatively? Hoop dance is not only all of these, but a way to meet some awesome youthful minded friends. Let your inner child out to play!

This 3 hour workshop will be held at Dance University, Bradenton from 1-4pm. (There will be a break halfway through the class and we will not be moving non-stop. We’ll be discussing some techniques as well as practicing them.)

All levels of beginners are welcome. Hoops will be provided.

The series will give all beginners the tools and techniques that they’ll need to get started on the hoop path and to find their own unique rhythm to dance; their “Flow”.

Even if it seems forever since you’ve played or you’re completely new to Hoop Dance together we’ll take the first step. I can personally assure you, given the time and energy to the practice, this can be an exciting adventure within the Circle.

We’ll open with circling up, introducing ourselves & discussing what we want to take from the class as well as something we’d like to share. I’ll will give some background into this emerging art form of Hoop Dance as well as establish some common terminology for discussions of different movements.

We’ll start moving with some stretches and warm-ups specific to the movements needed for Hoop Dance. There will be a series of basic moves and techniques taught for keeping the hoop up, recovery methods, dancing in your hoop, and other simple methods for moving in and out of the hoop. Even if you’ve been hooping for a while, this is the best workshop to begin with as it lays out a clear outline of a lot of the foundational moves for hoop dance.

I will provide hoops of various sizes for everyone to use during the classes. Although, you will eventually want your own personal hoop to begin feeling comfortable and familiar with its own unique feel, size and weight. There will also be hoops there for sale.

This workshop is $42 and can be purchased online here or paid in cash at the door.
(If you plan to pay at the door, please still notify me that you plan to do so, so that I can get an accurate headcount.)
If you attended the first workshop in June OR if you bring a friend. Your rate will be $40. Please contact me if you prefer to pay online.

This is my second of hopefully many workshops offered at this new location. My plan is to be able to offer workshops that can build on one another and offer them once a month at Dance University.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you all soon! Together, we can create a safe place of sharing and learning where it’s okay– even encouraged to drop your hoop. We’ll try something new, encourage one another, throw our hoops around and laugh! Don’t be afraid.. we all had to start somewhere.

This is a supportive group that wants you to join in and play! Come out and play

As always, please feel free to message me with any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.

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