Beginner Hoop Dance Workshop (Hoop Included!)

sunburstunderarmAre you looking for a new, fun and beautiful way to move your body? Feel good about yourself and express yourself creatively? Hoop dance is not only all of these, but a way to meet some awesome youthful minded friends.
Let your inner child out to play with Outward Spiral  Hoop Dance.

At a glance:

Price- $45 for a 2 hour workshop, which includes a hand-crafted professional beginner hoop. (Valued at $25.)

Location- Prana Yoga and Healing Center

Bring- Cash/check (or pay ahead online), water bottle, comfortable fitted clothing, and pair of socks.

Who- Adults and kids (who can pay attention for extended periods and follow directions) with an accompanying adult

Pre-registrations are required. If I do not have a couple of registrations 3 days before the workshop it will be canceled.
Register by emailing me. 

Students who complete this workshop will have a solid introduction to all the basics they need to dance with their hoop –their new dance partner. Together, we’ll start down the hoop path to find your Flow in a safe space of sharing and learning.

I look forward to meeting all of you new Hoopers 💞
We’ll begin with introductions and light stretching to warm up. This is a beginner level class (from absolute beginners to those still learning the foundations) with some flexibility to those wanting to learn a specific move.

We’ll be meeting in the back room of the studio at Prana. Please park in the back.

This workshop includes a professionally made beginner hula hoop valued at $25 for you to take home. (There is an option to upgrade as well. If you have an idea of what you want already, feel free to place an order early.)

Even if it seems forever since you’ve played or you’re completely new to Hoop Dance together we’ll take the first step. I can personally assure you, given the time and energy to the practice, this can be an exciting adventure within the Circle.


As always, please feel free to message me with any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.

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